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Night!Anon has declared that I am a magical cosplay fairy. I am also the Raven from the SuperGoth photos and the Jade with a working Wardrobifier.

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Oh man, I got a nice little microwaveable heat pack (also does ice, but I’m sticking with heat). It’s so nice and actually heating my poor bunion and helping it to feel better. I think my big issue with my foot recently is the weather and it starting to get cold out.


i wonder if there is anyone nervous to talk to me.

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“Is it still illegal to perform an autopsy on a living person?”

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Unfortunately, I don’t have targeted heating things. My big heating pad for cramps doesn’t work as I’ve tried that before. Icing works sometimes cause it’ll numb it. But not tonight. Thank you for the advice though

What absolutely sucks is that my bunion randomly starts hurting bad. I haven’t done anything to it, and while it’s ached it’s not been this bad. I’m icing my foot and my damned knee hurts from the cold on my foot. This absolutely sucks. I really wish it would stop, and I wouldn’t have the threat of needing another surgery to fix it looming over me


I doodled an adorable Jade Harley!


I doodled an adorable Jade Harley!