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Anonymous asked:

Where did you find patterns for God Tier Jade?

Where did I find them?  I searched JoAnn’s pattern catalogs (literally at the shop in the case of the skirt) and various online pattern websites.

Now I’m going to give you more information than you could probably want about my pattern choices.

For the top I went with Simplicity 2852, Top E.  I chose this specific pattern because I decided I liked that sort of bell sleeve because for some reason when I think ‘witch’ I always think of a dress or robe with those large sleeves.  Some art of her God Tier design did look like she had those sleeves, so I went with that.  I really loved this top.  I want to make more just for the sake of having it.  For the cosplay, I ended up cutting a bit of the bottom off to sew the skirt on, but I should have left a little more on because it goes to my natural waist, rather than my hips like I would have preferred, but I’m fine with it.

The skirt was Butterick B5421, skirt B, though I should have gone with skirt A.  I went with B because I was concerned that A would be too short, but B was much too long and I think A would have been perfect now.  Really, the only difference was with the length between the two.  I also changed the pattern slightly because I wasn’t going to have a zipper and preferred not to have a needless seam.  So I did the front and front side pieces twice and didn’t have the waistband since I planned on sewing the top the the skirt to make it a full black dress.

Now, another option that I could have done, but didn’t because I decided to go off this picture:

But if you look at the sprite (that’s what they’re called when they’re the smaller less elaborate forms, right?), it looks like a grey skirt and a grey hood.  That’s also a viable option and I did consider it.  Might even end up doing that one and use the same patterns but do it this way.

I’d make the top the same but after I’d make it, I would have cut the bottom into a bit of a triangle, with the point reaching to where the normal hem was and the highest point on the hemline reaching my hips.

I’d do the same skirt, but in grey, possibly adding in the zipper, but with the fabric choice I had, I wouldn’t need to if I kept that the same (a jersey knit, very comfortable, but a bit expensive oddly enough).  I would not sew them together like I did the dress, leave the separate.

For the space design on the front, I literally went to the wiki, copied the design onto a word doc and made it bigger, printed it out, checked the size (adjusting as needed to make sure it’s not too big or too small), then cut it out of the paper.  I then traced it onto white felt, cut the design out of the felt and hand stitched it on.

Of the basic dress, that was the most laborious for me, but I’m weird about sewing.  The top took maybe three hours?  The thread was messing up and I kept stopping to chat on Skype or take/post pictures of my progress.  The skirt took maybe an hour?  I didn’t stop for pictures, no one was really online, but the thread messed up more on that for some reason.  Dunno.  Then sewing it together, maybe half an hour with the pinning, cutting and sewing.  I don’t’ judge time very well, though, and I’ve been known to not realize it’s 3 in the morning and I’m still working.

If you, or anyone else, has any questions, feel free to ask more.  I’m always willing to help.

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