Hey, nice to meet you. I'm Crimson or you can call me Sara, doesn't even matter. You'll see a lot of homestuck, teen titans, cosplay, some ponies, and me just rambling about stuff. You can see my cosplays in the "Cosplay" link, and I'm slowly collecting pictures of myself out of cosplay under "My Face". Feel free to ask a question or just look through my posts.

Night!Anon has declared that I am a magical cosplay fairy. I am also the Raven from the SuperGoth photos and the Jade with a working Wardrobifier.

I have now made an about page and slowly adding FAQ, including information about my 3AM dress tutorial
Here is my submit box

How Do We Take Over Equestria?

Deception - Queen Chrysalis

Slaves - King Sombra

Chaos - Discord

Queen Chrysalis(Side blog)/King Sombra/Discord/Photographer(Main Blog)

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